Mar 1, 2010

blogging days

yay-ness... had finally revamped ze blogspot 
Am prolly making full use of this free service from now on,
Okay , okay I'll stop whining that I dont have time for it.


The blog however , was'nt ready yet
I still have a lil more HTML Magics to perform ;p
hehe .... be ready for it !
The reason that I decided to blog now , its because I am starting to LOSE my passion for it?
I knew it ! just by how lazy I get when I thought of uploading pictures to blog...
or how I love giving myself excuses to blog some other day

 I am those kinda people who express their thoughts better writting/typing/sketching/watever..
I love blogging  (okay I dont really have much posts) ... no seriously
I wanna share my thoughts with people and at the same time ,
 I am able to look back what was I thinking then in the future.
Space saving , and I wouldnt have a chance of losing it !

I used to bring my dairy along with me , everywhere I go 
 and I have lost them countless of times
and there are times when it got stolen
yes people are actually so boh liao (nth to do ) nowdays
actually went and stole my dairy from my bag
I cried for days , all my efforts were gone
Back then , I didnt have enough money and time to print  my pictures and paste in my dairy
Yes ! no pics at all
In comparism , I could actually do it online with just one click
No hassle with printing and safe cost and time!
2 in 1

In conclusion,
nothing fits more than an online blog !
The only problem now is ...
I am not sure if I am gonna fit in Blogspot easily ( I moved from Xanga)

My reasons?....

-It doesnt has a bulk uploader like Xanga !! can only upload 5 pictures at a time max ..? OMFG
Please dont feel offended when the Blogspot bulk uploader does exist ! I am pretty sure it doesnt , I ve searched high and low for it ! If it does , enlighten me !

- There is no such option that I am able to decorate my pretty pictures in pretty lil frames just like Xanga... which sucks ...

I kinda think that these above were pretty important to me.
especially the BULK UPLOADER!!
OMFG , What if I have 50+ pictures to upload ??
Lao niang need to upload one by one somemore , tho I have to admit it works pretty fast
... but come one , 50+ pictures and having to upload one by one?
This will make me seemed LIFELESS!!
I will be depressed :(
Come on now , Blogspot I`m sure you`ve earned enough
Create a Bulk Uploader already !!
For Christ sake

I have so so much to blog ! and I dont know where to start!! OMFG since Aug 09
I need Bulk Uploader !!!!! no seriously....

:( sad me

Apr 6, 2009


yay Ive create my new blog in blogspot despite the fact i have plenty of work to be done by tomorrow :(
I guess its bye bye X lover Xanga, hello handsome Blogspot!
Loves Loves <3